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Global temperature control system solution
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Enterprise development goal: to be a professional manufacturer of temperature control products, with annual turnover of 1 billion yuan, becoming the forefront of the industry.

Don't sacrifice character


As a manufacturer of electrical and electronic insurance devices, our first concern is personal safety and life protection, so we never sacrifice quality in order to reduce costs. We shoulder social responsibility while protecting the interests of shareholders.

No price war


Consolidate and strengthen the company's core competitiveness, such as technology research and development, to provide customers with rapid technical solutions and rapid delivery as the fulcrum, to win market share.

Don't go the usual way


Focus on emerging industries with high profit margins and new markets with high growth potential in the future, and actively implement the blue ocean strategy of differentiated competition. 


No profiteering


Windfall profits can't last! Windfall damage customers with our good relations of cooperation, we only pursue reasonable profits, not windfall profits!

Yangzhou Baozhu Electric Applianes Co.,Ltd

Global Temperature Control System Solution

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