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Quality control

Quality control

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The quality control
  Experienced engineers compile operating instructions and train and guide qc personnel to implement them. Excellent technical level and structural design determine product quality from the source. Carry out the next process is your God's idea, and after each process is completed, you test yourself and then flow to the next process. The qualified rate of the products is up to 99%
Number of quality inspectors:20 to 30 people
Raw material inspection
  * Raw materials imported from the United States and Japan
  * Complete inspection of key raw materials
  * Core components bimetallic sheet production
Test case
  * Chi Tai imaging instrument
  * Life testing machine
  * Japanese knife root test oven
  * Resistance tester
  * Constant temperature and humidity cabinet
  * X-ray detector
  * Salt spray test chamber
  * Glow-wire test box
  * Pressure tester
  * Metallographic sample fixing machine
  * Metallographic sample polishing machine
Other information
  * Passed iso9001-2000 quality system certification in 2005
  * Products through UL VDE CQC CB and other certification
  * Conduct monthly quality awareness training for workers
  * Implement 5S management standard

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